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"Stop searching the 100s of blogs you've read and Youtube channels you've watched"

Courses and Done For You Services

Have access to a training library of area guides, country orientations, and relocation checklists. Once you are back in country, we will file your residency application(s) for you. 

4 Day, 7 Day, & 10 Day VIP Relocation Experiences 

Why waste money and multiple trips when you can vacation AND scout your new home/investment property strategically with the Melanin Tours Ready to Move Scouting Tours?

World Class Support and Membership Programs

When you work with Melanin Tours, you are family. We host client gatherings and meetups frequently. You will have access to our business  & resource directory that highlights Black owned businesses. What you can't find in there is a short whatsapp message away.

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Step 1. Plan My Move Strategy Session 

The hardest part about starting the adventure of moving abroad is the planning.

After booking, we will schedule a 1 hour planning call where we will explore the different areas of Costa Rica and select the city that best fits based on your budget, lifestyle, and preferences.

Once we have selected a city, we will start to build your VIP Relocation Day. First impressions last, so we make sure that every detail counts.

Step 2. The VIP Relocation Day is where you get the answers you need to make the most informed decision about where and how to streamline your move.

  • We will visit 2-3 real estate options across different types such as houses, condos, apartments, and lots. This allows you to see what is available as well as what is possible for future planning.
  • All of these options will be available for immediate rental or purchase. We will also assist you with lease negotiations and funds transfers if necessary. Most clients find exactly what they are looking for in housing, sign a lease, and complete their move with 60 - 90 days.
  • We will also visit local amenities such as schools, farmer's markets, or other cultural elements necessary for your decision.
  • We complete the tour with an Expat Networking Dinner to introduce you to other expats living in the area who are open to questions and building community.

Why waste money and time on multiple trips when you can do it in a day?

Step 3. 90 Day Residency

After your VIP day, you will leave with a wealth of information, including a relocation checklist with a list of what documents will be necessary to apply for residency. Once you have completed your move and are back in country, we will file your residency application for you. Average completion time is 90 days. Our fastest approval was completed in 20 days. Our goal is to avoid the need for the extra expense of a border run.

Step 4. World Class Support

Some things we've helped clients with during their move include: shipping household goods and vehicles, relocating pets, signing up for cell phone service, opening a bank account, communicating with utility providers, assisting with due diligence when purchasing a used vehicle, and much more. In 1 year or less, you'll be an expert on all things Costa Rica as well!


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Hola, I'm Celesté!

Born in Queens, NY and bred in Columbia, South Carolina, I am a city-country girl from the best of both worlds.

I proudly served in the US Army including a 1 year deployment in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

A born traveler and expat at heart, I have lived in 4 countries and relocated to Costa Rica during the pandemic to focus on veteran and mental health advocacy.

Inspired by a passion to help others taking a leap of faith, I founded Melanin Tours to help future expats find the best fit community that aligns with their budget, lifestyle, and preferences; explore authentic culture, and meet other local expats to ask questions and build community.

More About Me


"Hey hey. So we definitely saved the best for last! "

 I think we are going with CMB. The first school you sent to me actually. It's close to our house.

They have volleyball. The classes are small (22). The school is indoor/outdoor. They have a dual diploma program. She can start August to focus on learning Spanish and Portuguese. And she has a skirt/pants option for uniforms. Not to mention they have a cellphone drop off and get eggs from the roosters in the morning. And it was the only school that talked about trips and they are building a treehouse to be used as a open classroom for agriculture studies

Soooooo. Thank you again!

- Candice Williams 

"Thank you Melanin Tours for making our relocation and scouting trip fun and adventurous."

Celeste’ is awesome! She has superb planning and execution when it comes to putting your relocation packages together. She is prompt in answering any and all questions along the way. If we needed anything I could just call/email her and she took care of it expeditiously.
She’s very knowledgeable of the country and its environments. She catered to our needs in what we wanted and even showed us more which led us to buying a condo and underdeveloped land instead of a home out in the countryside of Puerto Viejo. She’s making our transition from America to Costa Rica easy and stress free!
We would highly recommend her for your relocation. We would also use her again or recommend her to anyone who is looking to relocate.

- Brandy and Jay Edwards 

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