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Relocation Strategist & Chief Connector


I know what it feels like to want a better quality of life, to do more that just go to work and pay bills. I was there just a few years ago....

Just like you, I wanted MORE.

For the past 3 years, I spent my time perfecting the most stress-free relocation process to help people just like you to find peace of mind, a better quality of life and overall wellness for themselves and their families.

My Story...

During the winter of 2019, newly retired, I decided that I want to move outside of the U.S. again to stretch my pension funds farther and escape the brutal cold weather in Frederick, MD.

Initially, I researched Ecuador and Salvador, Brazil...

for some reason, it seemed difficult to book a flight to just visit those places, let alone move there. At the time, Southwest had sales on flights to Costa Rica. I said to myself " I'm sure I can figure out my life on a beach in Costa Rica. 


 Who would have thought...

that just a few short months later, the entire world would shut down 2 weeks into my month long trip. Faced with the choice to return to the U.S. to wait out the pandemic or stay "stranded", I made the courageous decision to stay. 

Two weeks later...

 I met my husband and together we created Melanin Tours where we help other busy professionals, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, military veterans, and soon to be retirees streamline their move to Costa Rica. This year we are fortunate enough to add Mexico and Colombia to our destinations. 

We’re biased...

 but we’ve worked with some great clients that have become like family and we’d love to include you in that growing list.

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I believe that everyone deserves visibility and success

I am passionate about highlighting and celebrating Black Owned businesses in our host countries. Please take the time to visit and check out some of our partner sites.

Blaxit Radio

Life-A-Holic Costa Rica

 Black Expats in Costa Rica

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Tours by Dee

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Words from our friends

"Traveling in a foreign country can be a scary concept when you decide you are ready for adventure and don't know where to begin."

Thank you Melanin Tours for creating such an unforgettable experience for my dad and I.

Sabrina Matos

"The highest thanks goes to Celeste Lawson and Melanin Tours for creating such a perfect itinerary." 

You really arranged EVERYTHING for us so all we required was patience and an open mind. 

Candice Williams

"Sunset @ Pangas Beach Club Tamarindo, Costa Rica. We WILL be returning!!"

Thanks Celeste Lawson for all the great references for places to eat and things to see and especially for helping us find the condo we wanted for cheaper than airbnb!!

Devon Austin

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Black women, as much as anyone, deserve to Rest, Reset, and Reimagine their lives in luxury! It is your birthright!

Join us for the annual Rest | Reset | Reimagine Luxury Retreat in beautiful Costa Rica curated specifically for Black women on the cusp of changing their lives in route to a soul-aligned purpose. 

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About me


I have a 19 year old daughter.

I've traveled to 13 countries and lived in 4.

I am a retired Army Veteran



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